A Great Start to School

The program I am enrolled in is for IT Network Administration. It is for a private career college. Every unit for the program is 4 weeks long and it is basically a revolving curriculum. It is an 8-month program and I started almost two weeks ago but some of my classmates have already been in the program for several months. 

The unit I have started with is called “Technology Communication and Time Management”. I enrolled in this program to upgrade my IT technical skills, but communication and time management is of paramount importance in the IT field.  

I have often said “soft skills” have been glossed over for IT professionals and in the long run, it really hurts your chance for promotion and advancement. My soft skills have been very good throughout my career and this unit is very easy. It is nice to know that is one part of my skill set that is transferable. Now that I have decided to go back into strictly IT, it is my technical skills that could use some attention…. In the coming weeks we are going to be delving into that! 

Important to any job really, is to communicate via email. People have speculated that email is dead, but in the business world it is not going away anytime soon. It is an essential skill to have. We had a basic assignment of sending several emails to our instructor based on hypothetical situations we may face in the business world. Structure, grammar and punctuation are quite important. 

Our instructor also mentioned that that style of communication will differ depending on the business culture. You need to be aware of that and adjust accordingly. 

Next we learned about writing informal reports. I have written several instructional documents over the years, so my reports were “really” informal”. Adding a cover page and a little formatting fixed that. 

We also have been working on conducting a PowerPoint presentation. I have used PowerPoint to create diagrams and I have seen several presentations, but I haven’t given a PowerPoint presentation for a long time. Using the software and following the recommendations on how to give a presentation that is outlined in my study booklet have been helpful. 

Lastly, we are working on Project Management. I have some training and experience in this as well. My program doesn’t included a certification test for this but I might take the test anyway. The more certifications the better I guess? 

All in all, it has been a great first two weeks to school. I can’t wait until we start sinking our teeth into more technical information!