A Good Scleral Lens Hack!

If you follow my Blog you might know that I am a scleral lens wearer. I have written posts on what a scleral lens is and how I use one. In this post I explain a little hack I use with my daily eye care routine…..

A scleral lens user has to use saline solution every day. It is used for two reasons. One, to rinse the lens after it has been sitting in the cleansing solution overnight like a contact lens and two, to fill up the scleral lens prior to inserting it into your eye.

Typically you would either use a vial( 5 ml) or bottle (250 ml / 4 oz) of 0.9% sodium chloride inhalation solution to fill the container you use to soak your lens prior to inserting it into your eye.

What I have been doing for almost a year is that I have broken the process into 2 steps.

Step one. Use a Bulk Solution to Soak the Lens Prior to Insertion

09% Sodium Chloride Irrigation Solution

This is 09% Sodium Chloride Irrigation Solution. It comes in a 500ml bottle. It is available in the first aid section of any drug store and it cost $5. It lasted me about 6 months. As you can see from the picture it has an expiry date of June 2021! Since I only used it to soak my lens prior to insertion for the day I save a bundle when compared to using the inhalation solution vial to do the same thing. Even though one is labelled irrigation solution and the other is labeled inhalation they are the same thing. They are both 0.9% sodium chloride they are just labeled for different uses. One is usually used to irrigate wounds for first aid and the other is used to clean medical equipment like a catheter. 🙂

Step Two. Use the Same Solution to Fill Your Lens but in bigger Vial

09% Sodium Chloride Inhalation Solution

A lot of us use the 5 ml vials of solution to fill up our lens prior to insertion. I just found where I can buy them online for a little less money but they are a slightly larger vial (15 ml instead of 5 ml). I found it here . With taxes and shipping it cost me about $69. That got me a years supply. I am sure if you go only to any safety supply eShop you can find it.

I find it quite helpful especially if you can’t get this covered in your health insurance plan or you don’t have one and have to pay out of pocket. It used to cost me about $400 a year now I am down to $150. My costs are in Canadian dollars so if you are costing in US dollars I am sure it will be less. Also I only need the lens for one eye. If you need it for both eyes it would cost more. Still, that is quite the savings! Maybe this can help you to! 🙂