5 Ways to Look for a new job

In the age of online everything it is easy to think there are only a few ways to find a job. Job search sites like, Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Regional Help Wanted , Workopolis and Monster (I am sure there are many others) come to mind…..

Depending on where you live, what businesses are around you and of course, leveraging the Internet, you can open up other avenues to your job search.

1. Willingness to work in the Public or Private Sector

I know you have been probably relying on job search sites but a lot of companies do not necessarily advertise on these sites. They have large enough HR departments that handle all recruitment. Take stock exactly where you live and find out what municipalities are around you. There is a good chance they are hiring. For example, where I live, there are 8 municipalities within an hour drive of where I live. Some of them advertise on job search sites, some do not. But you won’t know unless you look. Go to their websites and see what they have listed for current opportunities.

For Private sector jobs all you have to do is use Google Maps to see what business are within a specified radius of your address. For example, there are at least 3 large companies within an hour of my address and several smaller companies. As with Public sector jobs, some will advertise on job search sites but some will not. Look them up on the web for current opportunities.

2. Recruiters

It seems that the best way to contact recruiters is LinkedIn or through recruiter sites. I have found Hays, Kelly’s, Teksystems, Ranstad, SRA Staffing and ARES Staffing. Most of them are nationwide which helps make this post useful to basically anyone! Telephone seems to be a terrible way to contact them and email is only slightly better. My job search went on for quite awhile while I was employed so I have built up a network of recruiters. I touch base about every two weeks to see how things are going. Just a quick email. Most of the time they direct me to their respective websites. Basically that is their HR system which updates frequently. I just like to see if anything came in that was not posted yet.


3. Networking Contacts

If you are not on LinkedIn, this may be a problem. I recommend getting an account and start looking up your work contacts from your industry and previous positions. Here’s mine. If you have one, great, reach out to them and ask for recommendations and also to see if they know of any hiring going on at their company. A lot of jobs can be gotten through word of mouth and might not be necessarily be advertised. OK, if you absolutely hate technology and LinkedIn is not your thing, get out your Rolodex ,email address book, phone book and local newspaper and start reaching out…….

4. Recruitment Agencies

Also known as headhunters. I remember them as companies that had recruiters actually call you if they had any opportunities that suited you. Unfortunately, if you are not in highly specialized or  in a C-level position, you won’t be hearing from them in that way. You will have to contact them and / or look at what they have available on their website. Just google some like mid-level recruitment agencies and see what you find. I would give you example links but it is best that you do a web search and see what you find in your area.

5. Job Search Sites

Last but not least, look on all the Job search sites for possible opportunities. As I mentioned before, sites like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Regional Help Wanted , Workopolis , Monster and of course, LinkedIn are a good place to start. You can upload your resume and customize searches for where you live and for what you are looking for in a job.

With all the resources out there you would think it is easier to find a job. I would say yes it is but getting an interview is another story…….

Good Luck, I know I need it!

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