3 Ways How TFC’s Success Mirrors Life Success (Haters gonna hate)

I was watching the TFC vs New England last Saturday and I saw TFC’s frustration come to a head. It was Sebastian Giovinco’s red card. They won the MLS Cup last year. Of course they now have a bullseye on their backs. Everybody in the league wants to take them down. They only lost 5 games last year and almost won this year’s CONCACAF Tournament. I get that this was going to happen but the extent that the other teams are going after them and the referees increasingly showing a “blind eye” to it, it is frustrating! For the team and the fans! I know it is just my opinion but it reminds me of life……..

When you experience success there is always going to be those who celebrate it….but also those who despise it. They will go after you to find a chink in your armor which is your resolve. They will try to frustrate you enough to get to you.

1. They Will Minimize Your Accomplishments

Just like Wilfried Zahibo trying to take the ball from Giovinco after he scored on a PK (in an attempt to waste more time near the end of the game), Wilfried was minimizing the fact that with 2 minutes plus injury time TFC had a very good chance of tying the game and taking a point on the road.  Your own success might be met with comments of how it was just luck, good timing, circumstance, etc. Of course, you know what you did! It still success no matter what anybody else calls it.

2. They Will Slow you Down any way they can

I have to admit, I have never seen so much shirt pulling and aggressive tackling against TFC and it wasn’t done for any reason but to slow them down (Yes they are very fast). I am sure you have heard of the expression an “overnight” success. Well it rarely is but it might start looming. That’s when those who might be threatened will proverbially pull your shirt to try and slow you down, throw a monkey wrench in your works. It is their way of trying to prevent you from succeeding. Be like TFC and keep moving forward. Once your success snowballs, nothing can stop it!

3. They Will Gaslight You

The referees were gas lighted for sure on Saturday. Gas lighting is a manipulation technique in which the perpetrator tries to cast doubt in your mind. It is done is soccer all the time and the TFC game was no exception. Wilfried Zahibo made it look like Sebastian practically punched him when he received his red card. Upon further review it was not the case but he got the red card any way. Opinion aside, some people will cast doubt on your success anyway they can. They key here is to remember what got you the success in the first place. You DIDN’T doubt yourself. Who cares if others doubt you, the proof is in the pudding!

So be like TFC and play your own game. The results will be because of your belief, not someone else’s disbelief.

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